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Empire Records 04-25-10 21:37
So I had heard of people doing a drinking game to Empire Records, and I assumed that it would be the most common sayings in it, like "fuck" in Boondock Saints. So as I was watching, I kept a tally.

They say "Rex Manning Day" 6 times, but they say Rex Manning 21 times, or just Rex 35 times. Lucas is said 24 times, and Joe is said 45 times. Warren is said 26 times.

But a website lists additional drinking times - A.J. does anything artistic (which is like every time you see him), Anyone says "Music Town" (which is said 19 times), Gina's sluttiness is shown or referenced (does just seeing her count cuz you can almost see her boobs through the whole movie), anyone says "Damn the Man!" (which is said 3 times), money is mentioned or shown (mentioned 21 times), Mark giggles, and then whenever Rex's song is played or sung by anyone.

That's a lot of alcohol consumption right there...
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh... Marketing is the most horrid class I've ever taken. The professor just goes on rants and you literally learn nothing from him and now, as the school year is winding up, what does this man do?

He back loads the class.

I have three 3-5 page papers due between now and finals.

Why is he doing this? Does he hate us? He claims it's because we didn't discuss the stuff the papers talk about - my response is "SO WHAT?!"

I mean the semester is 16 weeks and we have six papers to write, the last one was due March 19, and NOW you choose to spring THREE papers?

W?? T?? F?? 02-11-10 11:37
Ordered my book online, Norton Anthology of Western Music.
RECEIVED Norton Anthology of English Literature
And since then I have been emailing them back and forth.

Basically telling them they messed up, then they apologized and said I could keep the English book...WHY would I want to keep it? So yesterday I received the book and in the box with my book is a prepaid envelope to return the other book. So I stuffed it in and shipped it off. Today I get this...

I received your shipment. I would like to refund you the amount it cost you. Let me know the amount, and I'll get that transferred over to you. Do you have PayPal?

The girls in my class think I should email back and tell him it cost like $5. But is $5 even worth emailing this guy, when it's not even MY money? Idon't think so...


Ha! So it's not the weekend...YET! But I can't wait, it's gonna destroy someone's UNIVERSE.

Ok, maybe not...but I am going home!

3 days!
bummer... 01-08-10 21:59
So I finally get people in my hall that I like and I am moving out of this building in 3 weeks...
Why does life always work this way??
Hopefully I'll like people in my new hall/building...
That's right! ME!

So, been in love with Hanson since...God, forever...It's ridiculous.

They are doing 6 concerts from April 26-May 1 in NYC, but that's not what makes me wanna go, Oooooooooooohs no.

The first concert is only their first album, the second is exclusively the second album, the third...well you get it.

Hopefully, if I lived through that much awesome I could die right after.

Besides the shortage of funds what is stopping me, you might ask?


Why can't they have put it during my spring break? I mean SIX nights of HANSON?!
Not listed, still awesome 12-25-09 09:43
Surprise Christmas gifts alternate between being AWESOME and being horrible. This year...1 for AWESOME.
Trip Down Memory Lane... 12-09-09 13:44
So, I am looking for new music...it's a snow day, not a lot to do, so I decided to give this Pandora business a try. Straight off it asks for my favorite band...Duh, Hanson! Now all I am getting is stuff I already own...Sister Hazel, Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind...Is there really nobody who is currently making anything remotely like Hanson? Am I stuck in the 90s? Well at least I like the music they are playing for me...
Maybe I should type in Silverchair and see what they give me.
WHAT. THE. HELL. 12-01-09 12:43
I am taking conducting, which is required for my degree...Which makes no SENSE! I am an Arts Management Major, when the HELL am I going to CONDUCT?! But whatever!

Anyway, Conducting has been kicking my ass this semester, partly cause I freak out when I have to get up and "perform" or whatever you want to call it, and partly because even though I have taken music lessons since I was TWO I suck ASS at counting. I don't know why, and if you think it doesn't vex me, you're delusional.

So the tests you take are done in front of the prof and recorded. The first one I freaked out hardcore. I got like a 75%, and he doesn't allow you to pass with under an 80%, so I had to retake it. Second time around I got an 86%. Second test I freaked out again, in fact I was so freaked I got sick before hand,but I got a slightly better score, still had to take it again and received an 83%.

After the first two horrible tests and retakes, I worked my butt off even harder for the third. I took it last wednesday, I didn't freak out, I did everything right, except the hiss and conduct crap. I figured I'd nailed a 80-82% range. Got it back today, I believe it is actually the LOWEST SCORE YET. 74%.


Sweet God in heaven, how am I going to pass the final? Now, not only do I have to take the final (which is 3 movements and a total of 9 minutes long) but I have to retake the third test!

I am so mad! I read his comments and I don't understand how the hell I ended up with a fucking 74%!

I want to punch something really hard.
there is this guy in my music history and conducting class. he irritates the piss out of all of us. he comes every other time (we only meet twice a week) and he never knows whats going on. he has missed both of the music history tests without notice, and yet is allowed to take them.
my question is what point is made by allowing him to slip through? he wants to be a secondary music teacher. he can't do this kind of stuff in the real world, so by allowing him to do it now and pass...isn't that a huge disservice to not only him, but the rest of us as well?
we have to deal with his half assed presentations of topics we need for the test, resulting in each of us doing more work just to pass, while he does, essentially, nothing and passes.
that is devaluing our education, our grades, by letting him just slide through.
this school keeps talking about how if one employer hires one of our grads and they are lazy, uncommitted, and generally don't care, that hoses all the rest of the grads that might come along and want to work for that employer.
so despite the fact that the university as a whole preaches tough grading and hard work, we are not instilling that in all of our students and the professors are apparently unwilling to remedy this hypocrisy, even in the face of multiple complaints.
what do you do? where do you go from here? climb the ladder of power, annoy the higher ups? deal with it?
because technically we do not know for sure what grade he is getting, we won't know he has passed unless he shows up the first day of next semester. but that begs the question of why would he continue taking these courses if he knew he was failing before the last day to drop?
it's just one of those things that irritates you, but what do you do? become a thorn in someones side, or look out for yourself?
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